History of Golf

Golfing experience

The golfing industry has been around since 1279 when Song Dynasty started playing in China and each year golf has become more popular attracting thousands of fans every year. Golf has lasted for many years dating back to Julius Caesar. The game its self-has changed as time has moved on, however, is still very similar. The Old Course located in Scotland is one of the oldest golf course in the world which later gained trust by the St Andrews. In 1764 the standard length of a golf course was 22 holes, however, was later changed by the St Andrews members down to 18 holes.  Golf was then founded in Great Britain in the seventeenth century and become a common sport throughout the world. The first British Open started in 1860, this tournament is still played today decades later. North America was the first to have a permanent golf course founded in Montreal and in 1873 was called the Canada Royal Montreal Club. When the United States gained more information about golfing they wanted to embrace the golf graze. One of the first 18-hole golf course in the US was named The Chicago golf club in 1893. These days it is widely available across Britain in the key area including Kidderminster golf club. http://www.whartonpark.co.uk/

Golfing Events Available


There are many major championships available for golfers to enter with thousands of fans across the world ready to follow. One common event held in Paris is the Ryder cup. The Ryder Cup is held every two years and is one of the golfer’s greatest showpiece, the Ryder Cup will see the best players across the USA battle it out over a three-day period. The climax of the event is held on singles Sunday with firework displays to end the day.  The ladies European tour is known as the LET this takes place for elite players with great experiences yet to be announced the LET is held on a different golf course each year so a new experience every time. The Solheim Cup is a tournament played by teams of 12 players from both Europe and the United States. The Solheim cups are held in Scotland in Perthshire, the next Solheim Cup will be held in 2019 on the 16th of March. The Cup will hold 15 matches the United States and Europe will go head to head to win each match of the cup, the cup was founded back in 1990 by the gold club manufacturer Karsten Solheim.